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Open Capital is the first VC investing exclusively in European early-stage Open-Source software companies.  Because Open-Source software eats everything. And because Europe is the next continent for building worldwide leaders in the software industry. The open way.

Our motto

open source

Building a strong community and be close to your users is the key for software adoption. Commercial Open-Source is the most profitable way to build a fast growing software business without burning unnecessary cash. We invest in such companies.


Europe is a place with an amazing number of talented engineers. A place where many Fortune 500 have their HQ. A place where new leaders will emerge. That’s why we focus only on European companies.

We are here to create value!

When we invest in a company, the team join our community of CxO of commercial Open-Source companies. From building the community to hiring the CFO, from managing the distributed team to legal issues, from users conversion to customers.

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